Beim Rheinland Klinikum gibt es täglich neue Themen, über die wir an dieser Stelle berichten.
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Opinion in Science

Does one believe in science? You’re very far before this match if you answered yes. Science and knowledge are all fantastic. When just think that people know what and we were to simply count on science, the world might have been quite a boring spot.

I believe that there is more to this planet than rewriting a paper mathematics . Let us talk about this for a moment. Maybe you have ever gone to a flea market and observed that the services and products. You almost certainly already know these objects aren’t bio degradable. In fact, they truly are like crap and as well as environmentally damaging.

When I say“never to mention“, I mean they are just as bad because their packaging. Plants our bodies and animals are no different. Organism, every creature and plant certainly are still an organism. They try to eat, drink, breathe, expand and replicate like us.

Something similar may be mentioned on the planet. We, the human race, drinks, eats, breathes and produces. This exact identical technique can be put on the all-natural /reword-my-paper-service/ resources along with Earth.

The planet was depleted of most of its organic resources by over population. Human population growth won’t quit until we have what we need. The amount of water, food, energy and sources can last to rise. This really is merely the natural and economic sequence of stuff.

Scientific information can reveal us just how exactly to use these tools in a fashion that’s sustainable. Scientists understand that we’re consuming all our natural sources. Now, we will create a number of changes in our lives that will help our bodies the planet and our environment.

There are plenty of means to reduce our dependency in bio-fuels gas, compound and also other foods that have now been depleting our natural assets. By way of example, many men and women eat far a lot more carbohydrates, potatoes and other starchy veggies . They have been proven to deplete water and nutrients, although these things have been expanding in recent years as a result of their energy value.

A http://www.cws.illinois.edu/workshop/writers/tips/ more nutritious diet could include more veggies fruits, nuts, seeds and nuts. Most significantly it would include low carbohydrate, higher fiber foods like tofu, beans, nuts, wholegrain cereals and breads.

We’re infact starving ourselves by decreasing the sum of fats starches and oils. It is like we have opened a Pandora’s Box. Additionally, it is now quite challenging as it seems that we eat too little and too much to contact the healthy lifestyle.

Humans must find ways to save energy so that we can conserve the funds of the Earth . So that we can create more products for ingestion as well as 16, power has to be used. We must return straight back to how matters have been before we started out applying the resources such as amusement, vehicles, clothes, homes and medical care.

A cure for the future is all out there. When we take just a little initiative, then we could alter the course into the future. During the appropriate application of the scientific procedure and the usage of energy direction along with far much better eating habitswe could make sure which our upcoming generations do not have to be concerned about just how exactly to survive.

„Hellige Pänz“ tanzen spontan für Patientin

Das ging Vielen zu Herzen: Mit einem Spontanauftritt in der Eingangshalle des Rheinland Klinikums Dormagen überraschten die „Hellige Pänz“, die Kinder- und Jugendtanzgruppe der KG Lyskircher Junge, die Mutter eines Mitglieds. Die liegt ausgerechnet an Altweiber im Krankenhaus. Dort lockten Pflegekräfte sie unter einem Vorwand zur Patientenaufnahme und so ins Foyer. Von den Tanzeinlagen waren Patienten, Besucher und Mitarbeiter gleichermaßen begeistert.

Spende für Wohnungslose

Mitarbeiter der kardiologischen Funktionsabteilung am Elisabethkrankenhaus haben für die Wohnungslosen-Initiative „Grevenbroich packt an – Warm durch die Nacht“ gesammelt. Genau 300,50 Euro kamen für den guten Zweck zusammen.

Neue Leitung der ZNA Dormagen

Die Zentrale Notaufnahme (ZNA) in Dormagen hat sich neu aufgestellt: Seit Jahresbeginn ist Janine Kilian (Mitte) die Ärztliche Leitung. Unterstützt wird sie von Dr. Kerstin Gretschko (re.) als Leitende Oberärztin der ZNA.

Mindestmengen-Atlas der AOK

Die Rheinische Post berichtete über den Mindestmengen-Atlas der AOK.
Das Elisabethkrankenhaus Grevenbroich ist mit Operationen der Bauchspeicheldrüse und das Krankenhaus Dormagen mit Kniegelenk-Totalendoprothesen vertreten.

Dietmar Moll ist Klinikdirektor in Grevenbroich

Als Anspechpartner steht er für alle Patienten, Angehörige und Mitarbeiter zur Verfügung: Seit Anfang Oktober darf sich Dietmar Moll als Klinikdirektor des Rheinland Klinikums in Grevenbroich betiteln.

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